Seems To Be Karl Rove's Fault

Wanting to know what all the Conservative talk show hosts were raving about, I switched laundry-folding night to Monday so I could see "24" last night. The mole responsible for delivering nerve gas into the hands of terrorists turned out to be the President's Chief of Staff. To "prove" there were WMDs and ensure the nation's oil supply forever.
Back to Wednesday night laundry. When the shows don't pretend to be anything but dumb and liberal.
UPDATE: Ninme informs me that Limbaugh was on a rant this afternoon about people giving up on the show because of this episode. Loathe as I am to disagree with Talent On Loan From God, it wasn't just that I was promised a show that understood something about the War on Terror and got Michael Moore. There was the preposterous scene in which Jack Bauer threatens to torture a man right in the President's office, in front of the Prez., all of which happens because POTUS' security detail is a single agent, who happens to believe Jack Bauer. This is the great writing people have been raving about? Ninme's right, Conservatives are pathetically grateful for the slightest little bones thrown them. . . .