At Random

  • Here's WaPo's humor columnist on cartoon ecumenism. It's kind of amusing, with a zinger at the end. Too short to excerpt, but you can read it.

  • As I'm writing, the Weedlets are watching March of the Penguins in the background. It's marvelous, but isn't this the movie that some folks were taking as some kind of morality tale about marriage? Goodness, I can't understand why. Every third line is about partnerships ending, and there's heavy emphasis on the non-survival of the unfittest. Actual line I just heard after two terrible blizzards and loads of death: "The worst is actually yet to come." Either some people have an extremely low view of marriage, or I've mistaken the movie.
  • My 5-yr-old asks: "Mom, what is the nuts' favorite hymn?"
  • "Don't know, Buddy, what is a nut's favorite hymn?"
  • "Peanut afraid."
Say what you will folk-musicologists, but no one ever does that to Joyful, Joyful We adore Thee.
Update: Just in case you haven't gone to that ninme link below yet, she links to a powerline post, which links to this IBD editorial about Saddam having WMD after all, which you should definitely read.
Further update: And following up on a pre-pilgrimage post, Mr. Fitzgerald's case continues to deteriorate.
And now, back to Israel.