"The Era of Small-Minded Government Is Over"

This is the single best reaction to SOTU I've run across. Someone who gets Bush!
The President has done what every statesman worthy of the name must do, and that is to clarify the ends that are served by this government, which must act in a global and not in a parochial way. Consistently, Bush contrasted his vision with narrow isolationism, imprudent protectionism and crabbed constitutionalism.

"Crabbed constitutionalism." What a splendid phrase to describe those who nitpick over not cutting enough programs when the man is fighting a war, massively reforming the judiciary, and restoring America's commitment to individual responsibility. Not to mention doing what it takes to keep a Republican Congress so he can actually do these things and not just talk about them.

Despite attempts by Democrats to portray Bush as an embattled and unpopular president, the President has not deviated at all from the bold stand he took in his Second Inaugural Address to advance self government in the world and individual responsibility in the United States. As political scientist James Q. Wilson has observed, the American people stand firm when the matters in controversy are well known to them, even if the media are filled with fictional controversy over alleged torture of enemy combatants or so-called “domestic spying” or overblown charges of political corruption.

Oh, please go RTWT. It's got everything I love: Federalist #10, further proof that journalists are ignorant, fundamental principles and a denuciation of small ball. And as a bonus you'll also like learning what Ben Franklin really meant by a comment the Left uses against Bush all the time.