Left At The Mosque of Omar

After ten days, I finally figured out how to get to the Holy Sepulchre on my own.
Just a swift, extremely jet-lagged post to thank those who prayed for my safe return. The tale of my return home is an adventure in itself: much bad luck and airline incompetence led to a stranding in Europe that delayed my return a day.. On the other hand, little ol' Mommy me got to feel tres cosmopolitan yesterday: awakened in Jerusalem; morning coffee in Milan; dinner in Paris --what a big shot.
While you people were blogging about agitated Muslims and the Danish cartoons, I was being cursed by them live on the Via Dolorosa.

It was a sublime pilgrimage, about which I don't expect to say much, as there aren't words for the deepest things. But I have observations about politics and such when my internal clock gets right. I'll just sum up saying you should all book trips to Jerusalem.