The Prayer of an Honest Soul

With this post I introduce to you an emergency back-up blogger, whom we'll call SingleGal for now, and yield the floor.

Over the weekend, I attended a big backyard barbeque held in honor of 8 women friends, all in the last trimester of pregnancy, who wanted to have a little fun before the next few months of work ensued. There were couples, many small children, all the visibly pregnant chicks and me. Being one of the few singles, I think I stuck out --or failed to stick out, as the case may be. When it got chilly outside, I picked up a toddler to stay warm. Toddler as fashion accessory -- who knew? Actually, a toddler could be cheaper and more interesting than a closet full of Manolo Blahnik (s).

I admit to being at the stage of life where most of my friends are married with children and some of us are hold-outs waiting for Mr. Right. The next day I visited my mother. She asked me about the evening and if available men were there. (Mom cuts to the chase.) Well, maybe one or two, Mom, but not really. But keep praying! Said she:

Every day I pray for you to find a good husband, and I pray that I am not a bitch in my old age.