Advance Team

The picture shows B16 and Patriarch Bartholomew I as cobras. The text reads:
The Patriarch and Pope are in Fener. Where is the Turkish nation? We don't want the Pope in Turkey.

To prepare yourself for the upcoming papal pilgrimage, check out Pope and Patriarch, where you'll also learn how the government of Turkey is contributing to the reunion of the Church. Well, shucks, I'll go ahead and tell you:
Seventy-five percent of the Ecumenical Patriarchate’s properties have already been confiscated by the Turkish government. Beyond this, the Patriarchate’s dissolution in the coming decades is essentially inevitable if Turkey continues its policy of prohibiting all 250 million non-Turkish Orthodox Christians from becoming Ecumenical Patriarch. Turkey itself only has 2,500 remaining eligible Orthodox Christians and they are a mostly elderly community.
Millions of Orthodox Christian Americans stand to lose their spiritual head and all
Christians will give up a crucial link to their history and forefathers. Within the 2,000-year-old Sacred See the text of the New Testament was codified, the canonical structure of the Christian church was established, and the Nicene Creed was created.
The preceding from a letter signed by 75 U.S. Senators, asking the President to support the patriarch.