An American Truly

Given that no one reads the Declaration, the Federalist Papers, or Democracy in America anymore, there are fewer and fewer Americans, never mind how many people are born here. America is an idea about the human person, not a culture or ethnicity, so if you refuse to think the thought... well, anyway. You know who is an American? Ward Connerly. I caught a snippet of him telling Rush's guest host about the defeat of affirmative action in Michigan (audio available here). I doubt any man post-slavery has ever sustained such relentless unjustified villification for defending the principle of equal justice under law -- and yet listening to him, he's such a gentleman. Not a trace of bitterness after literally a decade of hard political slog. And what is he defending us from? This.

A number of parallel legal universes have been quietly evolving among minority communities. As well as Somali customary law, Islamic and Jewish laws are being applied and enforced in parts of the UK.


some academic lawyers see these alternative legal systems as an inevitable-- and welcome--consequence of multiculturalism.

You cannot build a just society using one standard for some folk and another for others. In the UK, if you are raped, whether or not that's a crime depends on where you live.