Distinctions Lost

Remember in yesterday's Potpourri I mentioned the Pope publishing a book that he did not intend to be a magisterial statement, but a private reflection? The wise old men at the Telegraph don't understand the difference:
The Pope has shocked theologians and opened a chink in the theory of papal infallibility by saying that people should feel free to disagree with what he has written in his latest book.
Would they prefer we think them malicious or stupid? Open Book has more.

And so do I. In other UK media understand nothing about Catholicism news, the Guardian thinks the Church is about to say contraception is A-OK just because it's studying whether a married couple must abstain totally from marital relations in a case where one spouse has AIDS.

Yes, Dears. I'm sure he doesn't really mean that truth and reason stuff either.

UPDATE: Now the Times is on the act, penning the headline "Pregnant Mary embarrasses Vatican." Supposedly the Pope is ditching the Vatican premier of "the nativity" because one of the stars is pregnant out of wedlock. Or possibly he has more urgent things to do before heading to Turkey and possible assassination. I think a man who can face a bullet head on could handle an actress well enough, what say you?