I Do Have Something Against The Turks, Though

Turkish Delight. When you are a child enchanted by the description of Edmund eating it in the White Witch's sleigh on his first visit to Narnia, and you imagine what it must be like, never dreaming that there is such a confection --and then an adult brings you some in a fancy box with exotic markings, you prepare yourself for the most breathtaking, magically delicious thing you have ever tasted and then: boiled starch and sugar? You don't even want to swallow it, but you must, to please the nice adult who brought you this cruelly disappointing treat.

In the US you won't easily find the stuff, except in Middle Eastern specialty markets --and from these guys, who tempt you, promising the taste of "crisp Washington apples" or "tangy ripened apricots," conveniently changing the name. Don't be fooled! It's not an aplet or a cotlet! It's nasty Turkish Delight. (Freakin' Armenians.)

UPDATE: need further proof that Turkish Delight is bad stuff? The wiki article linked above reports:
Picasso used to eat Turkish Delight on a daily basis