Reason # 5 Not To Eat Sushi

Increased susceptibility to Russian saboteurs. About the Litvininko polonium 210 poisoning, ninme commented a short while ago:
In other words, folks, it weren’t the raw fish.
Ah, but it sort of was, apparently:
Police said traces of polonium 210 had been found at a sushi bar where Mr. Litvinenko met an Italian academic
and later:
Police were seen carrying metal boxes away from the sushi restaurant in central London.
Elsewhere in nefarious Russian plot news, Canadians have captured an illegal spy. If you, as I was, are asking yourself what a legal spy is, the difference apparently is in the "deepness" of the cover:
Court papers identified the man as Paul William Hampel and said he was a member of Russia's foreign intelligence service, or SVR, and an "illegal" spy operating without the protection of diplomatic cover.
Our guys are impressed:

A U.S. official said the capture was a coup for the Canadians, since deep-cover spies are very hard to find.

"Identifying and subsequently catching an Illegal is the creme de la creme of the counterintelligence business," the official said.

Maybe 'cause we're not having similar success:
The FBI has not uncovered any SVR illegals in the United States, despite claims that spying by Russian intelligence in recent years is at Cold War levels.
Moscow has confirmed the guy's a spy:
SVR spokesman Sergey Ivanov told the Interfax News Agency: "Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service, like any other foreign intelligence service, does not comment on whether an individual is or is not involved in its activities."
I still say this is all going to turn out to be a Casino Royale promotion.