Christians & Hizbollah

I've been trying to figure out why many Christians seem to be on Hizbollah's side against the Signoria government in the face of the way Hizbollah treated them during the war this summer. The indispensable Michael J. Totten provides insight:
I asked the two Aounists if I could join them at their table, if they would be willing to explain to a primarily Western audience why they formed a political alliance with an Islamist militia.
“Of course,” they both warmly said and gestured for me to sit.
“Pull up a seat,” said the man in the hat. “Can I buy you a coffee?”
Note carefully that at least for these two guys, it has little to do with Israel (contrary to press). And a lot to do with their view of the US:
"We love America, but have doubts,” Jack said. “They let Syria come in here in 1991 for help in Iraq.” snip
“The US will hand us over to the Syrians again for help in Iraq,” Antonios said. “That is what Washington is speaking of doing right now.”