Godfather of Soul Was A Patriot

Here's a side of James Brown the obits aren't including. In an October, 2001 interview with a local radio station here, he said:
Thinking about our country, now is the time that we should come together and be one -- like we should be. It was founded by our forefathers, for this to be a melting pot with liberty and justice for all. We need all those things, and we need the love, especially the love.
He then added:
One thing we need and we can't get enough of is prayer, we need more prayer and we need to get prayer back in our schools. I don't wanna get political; I'm not a political man. I'm a humanitarian, and I think about the things that are good for your kids and my kids.

He said what people saw at his concerts was:
a lot of energy, a lot of funk, and a lot of love and respect for our country.
Now don't that make you feeeeel good (na-na-na-na-na-na-nunh)?