Hard Core Bishop

Cue the cries of "censorship!" Bishop Loverde of Arlington takes on pornography in his new pastoral, "Bought With A Price." Tough stuff --and terrific. After taking on the typical arguments in favor of porn and showing why it's not puritanical to oppose it, he turns to pastoral advice to specific groups.
His advice to husbands and wives is particularly well-put. I don't recall why but this topic actually came up over Thanksgiving dinner --not in depth, but in the form of a passing remark that a free society wouldn't have porn because free men are not slaves.
Seeking comfort in the illusion of pornography will incrementally corrupt your understanding of self, your perception of your beloved wife, and the model you present to your children. It is futile to believe that this secret preoccupation can be contained and isolated from family life. In small ways, the self-centeredness and disrespect of self and others, which lie at the heart of this vice, will become manifest within your relationships with your family. Wives who find that their husbands have entered into a sinful attraction to pornographic images or stories must be loving and forgiving, but also stern in calling the spouse to return to his true manly vocation of marriage.
As John Wayne put it succinctly: sex isn't something you watch, it's something you do.