Honestly, That Is So Old-School

Ninme linked to this Telegraph article which in all honesty I've not read but simply note the title: Drugs are the curse of our land and turn women into prostitutes. Here in the New World, however, we know what's really to blame. Writing of a crack whore found murdered earlier this month, the Miami Herald reports:
soon after she turned 30, the world of the well-liked, stay-at-home mom began to dissolve. Perhaps it was the continuous round of school trips, the endless birthday parties, the numerous visits to the park.
See? Nothing to do with her having an affair with a
convicted felon with a lengthy criminal history that includes multiple arrests for felony cocaine possession, disorderly conduct and charges of soliciting a prostitute.
Nope, it was marriage and kids what dunnit. And endless birthday parties (she had two kids). Curtsy: Tim Blair.