How Do You Make John Bolton Cry?

Every week when I pass her house on the way to my office, I wonder what Jeanne Kirkpatrick would say about our foreign policy if we were to ask her, and fantasize about Bush appointing her to replace John Bolton (who apparently is going to inherit her office at AEI). Comes the news this morning that she passed away last night.
Bolton, who formerly worked with Kirkpatrick at AEI, became emotional as he recalled her influence on him. "I benefited very greatly," he said, his voice quaking. "She spoke clearly for liberty in the world [and] made it clear during tensions in the Cold War that America's interests here at the U.N. were advanced when the cause of liberty was advanced," Bolton said.
I will never forget this speech --one of the electric moments of my adolescence-- and doesn't it put Baker-Hamilton to shame upon the re-reading? And I won't forget her brave service to us --and freedom-- especially during her time at the U.N. Her colleagues at AEI posted this notice. Steve Hayward is eulogizing here in installments here, and Commentary has a selection of her articles for them.

Perhaps there is something providential in the timing of her passing? I think Ronald Reagan's passing when he did affected public mood about Bush and the war in 2004 --as if he saved his country once again. Thinking about Jeanne Kirkpatrick's achievements would be salutary for us now.