Senator Scofflaw

What do The Logan Act & the laws of fashion have in common? Both violated in one fell swoop by Sen. Bill Nelson. The Logan Act:
Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commence or carries on any kind of correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
Ninme points to an even more flagrant violation:
who the hell wears light slacks and brown leather slip-ons (with blue socks) to meet a foreign (Arab!) leader in a formal drawing room! Augh!