Behind You All The Way, Good Buddy

Senate Armed Services Committee so resolved against the surge, it swiftly approves the man to lead it.

UPDATE: Full Senate unanimously confirms him.

What could be more wicked than announcing to your troops, their families and the enemy that you expect them to fail? Talk about sucking the life out of an effort. Teddy Roosevelt said about another Congress undercutting a different war:
Their motives may or may not have been good, but their acts were heavily fraught with evil. They did ill for the national honor, and we won in spite of their sinister opposition.
Not to mention:
On them will lie the burden of any loss of our soldiers and sailors, of any dishonor to the flag; and upon you and the people of this country will lie the blame if you do not repudiate, in no unmistakable way, what these men have done.

To which end, make your voice heard here. I can understand thinking this move will fail and saying so; but once it's in play, as it is, it's deeply wrong to help it do so.

WSJ says this is not only wicked, it's unconstitutional.

The Ryskind Sketchbook comments:

King: ....We few, we happy few, we band of--

Messenger: Excuse me, Majesty, a non-binding resolution from the House of Lords. It was sent to express no confidence in you and your long-bow plan. They also have made every effort to let the enemy know that you have little to no support at home, and that the situation is entirely hopeless. Oh, and there’s a postscript for the troops. It says, “We support you.”