Breaking Me Up

There's nothing funny about suicide, but I'm afraid this story made me laugh.
A bridge in Seattle is becoming hazardous to the mental health of the dot-com employees and other office workers below, who keep seeing people jump to their deaths from the span.
Something about the tone in which the thing is written is just...hilarious. It seems the area used to be more or less deserted --warehouses and such-- but now there are restaurants and businesses, but the jumpers keep jumping.
Some jumpers hit the water, others land on the pavement or solid ground. Either way, they almost always die.

See? Is it just me? The best line:
"They end up in our parking lot," said Katie Scharer, one of Ms. Edwards' co-workers at Cutter & Buck, a sportswear company based in the Adobe complex. "Nobody's ever totally used to it."
Should you be used to bodies falling from the sky?
Say, as long as I'm being grim, a coupla days ago ninme found a really cool story about Chinese ghost brides. Also, last night we started watching Around The World in 80 Days --the original. Which is relevant because I learned another grim ethnic tidbit from it. Did you know "thug" originally referred to devotees of the goddess Kali? They marauded around India killing folk.