Mr. W. sent me this column from the SF Gate denouncing a couple with 16 kids in the most hateful terms possible. Really must be read to be believed. Many things one could say about such a piece, but I will limit myself to this. What mostly seems to offend the author is not so much that the parents have that many kids --although breeding clearly disgusts him-- it's that the parents will raise their kids Christian --specifically:
they will all be tragically encoded with the values of the homophobic asexual Christian right.
Dude...16 kids...whatever else one might say, they ain't asexual. They seem to enjoy sex rather. As my godfather (10 kids) used to say just to gross his theology students out
the only family planning we practice is wild abandon.
Ok, one more observation. There's something quite pathetic about his complaint that married couples are out-birthing homosexuals. You can give a child two Mommies, but you can't give the cosmos two Natures.