Howard Is Da Man

Oz's Dept. of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs is now the Dept. of Immigration and Citizenship.
“I think the title of the new department expresses the desire and the aspiration, and that is that people who come to this country, who emigrate, immigrants, become Australians,” Mr Howard told reporters.
“That's what the Australian people want.
Amen. (Curtsy: Tim Blair) Which reminds me to call your attention to this (curtsy: ninme) from a week ago, subtitled: a nation's blunt refusal to back down to terror.
The Howard Government has let it be known that radical Islamism is also a threat to the overwhelming majority of the Muslim community and reminded its leaders of their responsibilities to resolve potential problems in their own self-interest. This approach has strengthened the position of moderate Muslims.
Note that last sentence. As I've noted in the context of the aftermath of B16s Regensberg address, our craven quest not to say anything that will set off the radicals does a terrible injustice to peace-loving Muslims. Just as Reagan's "evil empire" speech gave heart to Soviet dissidents, so-called "moderate" Muslims need us to be honest about islamofascism. But back to the praise of Oz:

Meanwhile, the conservatives, with the support of social democrats, have advanced the cause of citizenship tests as a means of emphasising that all who choose to live in Australia are expected to sign-on to our democratic values. Moreover, imams have been advised to preach in English. There is little backing in Australia for the extremist right-wing view that Muslim immigration should be banned. But there is bipartisan support for tackling the real threat posed by radical Islamism in a direct, even blunt, manner.