I Solemnly Swear To Destroy The Country

Hugo Chavez takes the oath.
His right hand raised, Mr. Chavez declared: "Fatherland. Socialism or death -- I swear it," invoking the Cuban leader's famous call to arms.
He's starting his term by nationalizing...everything and making sweeping changes to the Constitution. Especially that nasty term limit part that would make this his last term of office.

Well, at least our enemies are imploding financially. See this about Iran's oil refining capacity a few weeks ago? Iran's going to be importing gas this year.
Iran is struggling to produce enough oil and gas for export. Unless Tehran overhauls its policies, its primary source of revenue and the basis of its geopolitical muscle could start to wane. Within a decade, says Saad Rahim, an analyst at Washington consultancy PFC Energy, "Iran's net crude exports could fall to zero."
And I was first to predict Venezuela would shortly be doing same. Of course, financial implosion makes people more desperate. And dangerous. Bring on those electric cars, baby.