New Democratic Approach To Abortion

Precisely the same as the 30-year-old Democratic approach to abortion, though WaPo labors to convince us something's changed.
On the opening day of the 110th Congress on Jan. 4, for instance, Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.), an abortion foe, introduced a bill to increase funding for family planning and to improve access to emergency contraception.
"Emergency contraception" not being contraception at all, that would be fighting abortion by promoting early abortion. And what is new about Dems trying to "prevent" abortions by funneling money to abortion providers to promote scads of teen sex under the guise of "safe-sex education"?
The measure has been endorsed by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), a champion of abortion rights, and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.), a leading Democratic presidential prospect.These and other initiatives are a far cry from previous Democratic efforts that drew strong conservative opposition.
I can't stand it. The policy is bad enough, but it's beyond galling to be told it's pro-life or conciliatory. Of course, there are a few pro-life Dems who understand the meaning of the term:
Antiabortion Democrats who are reluctant to promote contraception use are backing a more limited effort to help pregnant women and single mothers.
Watch how far their legislation gets. WaPo couldn't even be bothered to detail the bills or name the sponsors. I can promise you that each time a pro-life Dem tries to do anything worthwhile, the leadership will introduce a similarly-named bill purporting to seek the same goal --yet somehow arriving at the surprising solution that more moolah for Planned Parenthood & its ilk is called for. And the MSM will run more stories about the new pro-life tone on the Hill.