Paradise For Those With No Stomach Problems

In Britain they're delaying surgeries to save moolah. (Curtsy ninme)
Hospitals have been told not to operate on patients until they have been on a waiting list for up to 20 weeks in the latest attempt to deal with the financial crisis in the health service.
The instructions to delay treating people for as long as possible are spelled out in leaked documents seen by The Daily Telegraph.
And remember this from before Christmas? The big story was supposed to be that a Spanish doctor says Castro doesn't have cancer. To me the big story was why he needed a Spanish doctor. This had to be the first time ever the NYT has admitted Cuba's is not the finest healthcare in the world:
The Spanish surgeon flew to Havana last week with advanced medical equipment not available in Cuba to determine whether Mr. Castro needed further surgery.
Let's all remind our C-men of these things when the new Congress starts tossing universal healthcare at us.