The Right Question

Editorial that pre-empts the title I was going to give my next Iraq post: All We Are Saying...Give Petraeus A Chance.
Members of Congress should ask themselves, "What can we do to help Petraeus succeed?"

More worthy reads:
  • profile of Gen. Petraeus.
  • VDH on the consequences of defeat. Read it, it's not about inevitable genocide.
  • He also has a fun little piece in this morning's WaTi on how all our enemies' children are living here in the U.S. Which brings more than a little perspective to the "why do they hate us?" question.
we should at least point out to them, as Gen. Sherman once did to his grandstanding detractors, that there is certainly a reason why Prince Bandar and Messrs. Berri, Musharraf and Salem want their children over here -- and apparently as far away as possible from the countries where they themselves are in charge.
  • A couple of weeks ago the blogosphere noted the State Dept. finally admitting that Yasser Arafat plotted and paid for the killing of American diplomats. It was a few posts then, but here's the full story --just for the historical record.
  • People have been talking about it, but I just got around to reading Tony Blankley's "Vulture Politics." A good follow-up to my SOTU post, below. More modestly I should say my post is a follow-up to his column. (I hereby cast an indignant frown upon Rahm Emanuel.) I realize as I conclude that all these links circle around the question of patriotism properly understood.
And finally: It's official.