Saddam: The Musical

For benefit of the squeamish, let me say at the outset I wholeheartedly concur with my anonymous commenter who says:
I do not rejoice that Saddam was executed but I take satisfaction in the restoration of justice just the same. I am even prepared to say that I have prayed for his last-minute conversion, as I would have no human being face eternal damnation. But Catholics above all must begin to make the elemental distinction between the justice of executing a moral monster versus that gruesome celebration of Saddam in hell which we see in some right wing media.
We prayed for his repentance, too. Nonetheless, in celebration of justice, and (in this case literal) gallows humor being part of the great human tradition, I bring you ninme's readers and the finale of their new show:

HalfEmpty penned "Free Me From The Noose On Time":

Ima meet the hangman 'n the mornin, Drugged up and feeling just like slime,

Kofi come and kiss me!

Tell 'em how you'll miss me!

But for gawds sakes get me loose in time!

I don't want to be there 'n the morning, Hell no it's just not my time!

Call out the Army,

I know I'm sounding smarmy,

But for gawds sake let me loose in time.

And Rueful Red:

I have often stood on this floor before.

But the trapdoor always stayed beneath my feet before.

All at once am I just a bit too high

And I hope that that rope’s got some give.

Are there lilac trees in the heart of town?

Though it’s less than likely I’ll be in that part of town.

Once I take that drop, there’s nothing to stop…

Oh I hope that that rope’s got some give.

But oh, that wonderful feeling,

to know that my deathly hush

Will be broken by WaPo revealing

That, as a martyr, I’m still smarter than George Bush.

Are there funny jokes for this kind of fix?

Or are Sunni folks now fated just to take their licks?

There’s the camera! Hi! I’ll just wave good-bye!

Oh I hope that that rope’s got some give!”

UPDATE: I'm reliably informed that the trial scene concludes with the judge passing sentence in the form of a Johnny Mercer classic:

When an irresistable force such as you

meets an old immoveable object like me--

You can bet, as sure as I live.

Something's gotta give, something's gotta give, something's gotta give.