Talk About Catch & Release

Sometimes truth slips out in the MSM without anyone really intending it. The first of 1400 embryos rescued from a hospital in the aftermath of Katrina is due soon:
The baby album for Rebekah Markham's soon-to-be-born child could include something extra special: photos of officers using flat-bottomed boats to rescue the youngster's frozen embryo from a sweltering hospital in the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The police rescuers are happy too:
''That is great! I'm going to call all our officers and tell them. They'll be pretty excited,'' said Lt. Eric Bumgarner, one of seven Illinois Conservation Police officers and three Louisiana state troopers who sloshed through floodwaters to remove the embryos. Bumgarner said he has often wondered what happened to the embryos: ''One of these embryos could be the next president.''
See? "Embryo" = "very small child." Further:
on Sept. 11, Illinois officers on loan to Louisiana set out in National Guard trucks, towing flat-bottomed boats. A flat surface was essential: The 35- and 40-liter nitrogen tanks, which weigh 75 and 90 pounds, had to stay upright. If one tipped over, the nitrogen would spill.
In the hospital parking lot, the boats puttered past cars still flooded almost up to their windows. The boats were taken through the flooded halls, and the embryos were floated out. They were taken across town to a hospital that had not flooded.

I'm wondering if such risks were taken for any other form of "property" in the aftermath of Katrina. Think about it.