Winter Tomatoes

I have no idea what this means, but where there are tomatoes in the news, Wheat & Weeds will be on the case.
The price of tomatoes has tripled in the past month in the Iranian capital.
They're hoppin' mad about it, too.
Iranian MPs quizzed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about rising inflation yesterday, citing the price of tomatoes, as he submitted his annual budget to parliament.
“Controlling inflation, which has been reduced to 12.1 per cent, has been a success for the government,” Ahmadinejad told them.
“A friend told me that prices had gone up and a kilo of tomatoes cost 12,000 rials ($1.3),” he said — before being interrupted by MPs who shouted that tomatoes were being sold for 30,000 rials (3.2 dollars) a kilo.
Unimpressed by the heckling, Ahmadinejad replied: “Come and do your shopping in my neighbourhood. Why shop in expensive places?”

Silly Iranians --grow your own! Home-grown tomatoes are the gift of the gods --or the Mahdi.