5 Years On, More Mex Than Fornia

VDH's Mexifornia, Five Years Later defies quick summary, but is the fairest, most rational piece on immigration one is likely to read. Also the most moral --written not from the standpoint of us v. them but from that of human dignity. To wit:

Worker remittances sent back to Mexico now earn it precious American dollars equal to the revenue from 500,000 barrels of daily exported oil. In short, Mexico cannot afford to lose its second-largest source of hard currency and will do almost anything to ensure its continuance. When Mexico City publishes comic books advising its own citizens how best to cross the Rio Grande, Americans take offense. Not only does Mexico brazenly wish to undermine American law to subsidize its own failures, but it also assumes that those who flee northward are among its least educated, departing without much ability to read beyond the comic-book level.

We are also learning not only that Mexico wants its expatriates’ cash—and its nationals lobbying for Mexican interests—once they are safely away from their motherland; we are also discovering that Mexico doesn’t have much concern about the welfare of its citizens abroad in America. The conservative estimate of $15 billion sent home comes always at the expense of low-paid Mexicans toiling here, who must live in impoverished circumstances if they are to send substantial portions of their wages home to Mexico. (And it comes as well at the expense of American taxpayers, providing health-care and food subsidies in efforts to offer a safety net to cash- strapped illegal aliens.) So it is not just that Mexico exports its own citizens, but it does so on the expectation that they are serfs of a sort, who, like the helots of old, surrender much of the earnings of their toil to their distant masters.

Not that it's the point of the article, but here's a statistic that surprises me:
Illegitimacy is higher in general in Mexico than in the United States
Abortion accounts for that I suppose; could Americans possibly be more chaste than Mexicans? My experience is that Mexico is generally about ten years behind the United States in terms of progressive attitudes. But I digress: RTWT.