Arkin Asylum

Maybe you've followed the William Arkin episode? He's the "military analyst" (actually a Human Rights Watch-type) and WaPo blogger who ignited a firestorm the other day by referring to American soldiers as "mercenaries."

It's an outrageous thing he said, but I've been studiously ignoring it because he's not a serious fellow. It drives me crazy when the right wing media --talk shows and bloggers-- empty all their artillery rounds on people and arguments that just don't matter. Andrew Sullivan, for example, used to be thoughtful and interesting, but that time is long since past, so why does anyone bother? As soon as I see his name mentioned in a post, I move on --nothing serious will be happening there.

Anyway, the Arkin story keeps on going and going because Arkin doesn't know how to quit talking and all the Conservative talkers can make hay showing that someone from "the Post" insulted "the troops." Which is fine, except defending the troops isn't the same thing as defending the country and its principles. Where's the talk show that's going to do that?

UPDATE: Not a talk show, but Giuliani is defending the country.