Crazy For You

Vasectomy may put men at risk for type of dementia. Two types, actually.
PPA robs people of their ability to speak and understand language, an unusual twist of the disease is patients are still able to maintain their hobbies and perform other complicated tasks for a number of years before other symptoms develop.
The earliest symptoms of FTD are personality changes, lack of judgment and bizarre behavior. [snip] FTD patients begin shoplifting, compulsively gambling, misspending large amounts of money or become sexually demanding.
So...neutered, demented men are uncommunicative and given to puzzling behavior?...No, too easy.

The story ends the way all stories suggesting it's an extremely bad idea to mess with your reproductive system do:
"I don't want to scare anyone away from getting a vasectomy," Weintraub stressed.
No, no, certainly not.
"It's obviously a major birth control alternative."

Gotta have that. Health and sanity be damned.

UPDATE: in a post entitled "Bring on the Hysterectomies," ninme writes
I’m sure I’ll find out that hysterectomies, like the pill, cause all manner of complications and, you know, death, but lawdy we can’t have dem menfolk havin side effects