Movements In The News

Been awhile since I did a "new movement" update.
  • Tuesday there was a bit of a shindig in Rome marking the 60th anniversary of Pius XII's document defining "secular institutes" and their members' specific form of consecration. Benedict called secular institutes
a laboratory of dialogue with the world.
Full text is here (Spanish.)
  • Thursday the Pope met with "bishops & friends" of two new movements --Sant'Egidio and Focolare, praising their respective charisms and calling cooperation between bishops and the new movements a key to the new evangelization.
Pope John Paul II viewed these movements and new communities as a providential gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church in order to respond in an effective way to the challenges of our time. "And you know that this is also my conviction."

Full text here (Italian).

And, what the heck, I see that the address to "old movements" (no disrespect intended) --or rather, to all consecrated souls-- at the end of the mass on the feast of the Presentation is finally translated, so here's a bonus.