Perish The Thought

The latest James Cameron project is too silly to be worth debunking, especially when others are doing it so well. However, the news that awoke me this morning has been annoying me all day. It was a teaser of the "Jesus tomb" story in which they played actuality of Cameron avowing he's innocent of any effort to discredit Christianity.
Nothing could be further from the truth
he assured us. Fair enough. But then, when I say that his 1997 blockbuster Sex On A Boat was two hours of my life I'll never get back, and utterly worthless in every respect except for about 5 minutes of the break-apart of the Titanic (which I admit was cool), I'm sure he'll know I'm not trying to discredit him as a director. No, not at all.

As others are saying, it must be getting close to Easter; the blasphemers are out in force.