This Post Is So Gay

National Catholic Register is doing a 3-part series on homosexuality & the pastoral care of homosexuals, written by someone who's come out of a lesbian lifestyle. Part 1: Homosexuality: A Catholic's Journey. Part 2: Evangelizing the Homosexual.

This is accompanied by an editorial on the topic, and an interesting piece on a "round 2" of study of the priestly abuse scandal --this one looking more closely at the role of homosexuality and dissent generally. And by the by, the US bishops' excellent statement on this topic from last November is here.
Have I plugged Eve Tushnet before? She's a conservative blogger who's written eloquently about her own struggles with same-sex attraction (the blog's interests are wide-ranging). Curtsy to her for this story about the guy who "outed" Ted Haggard visiting his (Haggard's) church. Interesting reaction from the associate pastor:
I believe God used you to correct us, and I appreciate that.
The guy was impressed with the charity, but not with the service, for reasons that appeal to me: too much show, not enough Jesus.