"What's My Name?"


If you aren't already, you should check out Fresh Meat, his blog of sorts --where he comments on his cartoons. For example, with the above illustration he writes:
You don’t hear much about the ozone hole any more. Has it gone away? Nope. NOAA and NASA say in 2006 it was bigger and deeper than ever. But wait you say, we implemented the Montreal Protocols in 1989, eliminating ozone depleting CFCs. Kofi Annan called the Protocol, “Perhaps the most successful international agreement to date.” CFC concentrations have been falling since 1995. How can the ozone hole be worse?
It’s not worse says NOAA, it’s better. It’s just that you can’t see how great the Protocol is working because colder than average temperatures in the Antarctic mask the benefit. Cold weather “result[s] in larger and deeper ozone holes, while warmer weather leads to smaller ones.”
Colder in Antarctica? Al Gore told me it was melting! Al Gore told me there was consensus. Consensus!
George Will asks all the right questions about global warmening here. It might be a good thing, you know? Meanwhile, last week, in reporting the UN's report on climate change, AP summarized the main findings. My favorite part:
Scientists said global warming's connection varies with storms in different parts of the world, but that it influences the storms that strike the Americas.
Got that? We have no idea what causes any natural disaster anywhere in the world. But Katrina? That was Bush's fault. I will believe in global warming the day they cancel conferences at Davos in favor of teleconferencing, and when Hollywood cancels all its awards shows to save power.
Update: powerline discovers The Ryskind Sketchbook.