Because I Have A Little Cruel Streak II

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Behold a post derived entirely from the comments at someone else's blog. Seems Prince Charles has caused a bit of a --well, I don't know if it rises to the level of a hoo-ha-- kerfuffle, perhaps--by insulting the Big Mac and trying to have burgers banned. Which led ninme's reader, HalfEmpty, to comment in part:

First they came for the BigMac but I didn't care. Then they came for the QuarterPounder, big deal.Wendy's Singles, Doubles and Chili disappeared one foggy night, yawn.Then the roumor of a raid on the WhataBurger circulated. An hour later 600 million dead.
I'll have mine with extra onion and Jalapeno.

Hah. Haven't thought of WhataBurger since university days --they don't exist in these parts. But surely Half must be Full by now? And if not, another reader, no stranger to these parts, either, found the photo above, perfect for making your Friday-in-Lent abstinence worthy of the name. (Actually, that's too huge to look appetizing. I could go for all those pickles, though. About which insinuate nothing --I just like dill pickles.)