Last night I was at a party filled with a cross-section of movement Conservatives, mid-to-high Administration types, think-tankers and such. Informal polling reveals everyone unhappy, and if forced to commit to a "favorite" candidate right now: Thompson (without any conviction that he can get in at this stage and win). 2 extremely reluctant votes for Romney. Most people very enthusiastic about my suggestion that Giuliani's gifts would make him an excellent Viceroy of Iraq. He'd clean the place up in a jiffy.

Everyone's depressed that the ex-wives of the contenders could make a 3rd party in themselves.

Know why we have this problem? Because having 20 primaries simultaneously and early means there is no chance for a lesser-known but better candidate to emerge through debate and consideration. You have to have the name to raise the money to compete at that early stage. The best campaign finance reform would be to eliminate all restrictions on giving coupled with strict transparency. And primary reform. Slow and steady to even the playing field.