Cheney Bandwagon

Witnesses report the Veep received a hero's welcome at C-PAC yesterday. This speech was constantly interrupted with applause. A few highlights, beginning with this, which I find hilarious though I don't suppose it was intended to be funny:
the Bush tax relief has proven to be exactly the right policy for our country. If you think of all that's happened in the last six years -- the recession we inherited, terrorist attacks, corporate scandals, natural disasters, a tripling in the price of oil --it's remarkable how resilient this economy has been. In fact, since 2001, our GDP has grown by 16 percent. Let me just put it in perspective: In only six years' time, the American economy has expanded by an amount greater than the entire economy of Canada.
Then good stuff on health care, domestic energy, etc., winding his way to his main theme --the war. RTWH, but here's the soundbite:
In these circumstances it's worth reminding ourselves that, like it or not, the enemy we face in the war on terror has made Iraq the primary front in that war. To use a popular phrase, this is an inconvenient truth.

In bin Laden's words, and I quote, "Success in Baghdad will be success for the United States. Failure in Iraq is the failure of the United States. Their defeat in Iraq will mean defeat in all their wars." End quote. That makes one thing, above all, very clear: If you support the war on terror, then it only makes sense to support it where the terrorists are fighting us.