Eradicating The Faith In Maryland

We've come a long way since the inhabitants of the Ark & the Dove waited days on their ships so they could found their Catholic colony on the feast of the Annunciation, calling it Mary's Land (yes, for the Queen, but also for the Queen of Heaven).

The Maryland Senate, imitating the malice and bigotry of its confreres in Colorado (where a similar measure was eventually rejected), is trying to bankrupt Catholic institutions in the state (hurting every other non-profit in the process is lagniappe) by lifting the statute of limitations on monetary claims for charges of abuse. The law targets non-profits only --public institutions and teachers, statistically the most likely to be charged with abuse-- are exempt.

  • This law will protect no children --offenders can always be charged under criminal statutes.
  • It redresses no wrong --the Archdiocese of Washington has been exemplary in its handling of abuse cases and protection policies since long before "the scandals" broke. It simply opens all the diocesan institutions to lawsuits dating back 30,40,50 years --after memories have grown faulty, witnesses have died, and it's very difficult to mount a defense.
  • And the deliberate exclusion of public institutions gives the game away. In the name of "children," some Senators are going to try to bankrupt every parish, school, house for the homeless, hospital and adoption agency run by faith-based institutions in the state.

Go here to oppose SB 575.