Evening Grumps

Not quite sure how it happened that I let myself get talked into accompanying a group of kids (including two of my own) to a Christian rock concert. First I was doubtful about letting my kids go and caved on that. Then I got guilted into being the 10th person in a group so everyone could get the discount price. I'm so weak.

Newsboys, I think they're called. As the venerable Hank Hill put it (I'm sure I've cited this before) when his boy got the Christian Rock buzz:
Son, you're not making Christianity better, you're making Rock -n-Roll worse.
The kids are beyond excited. Mom has the grumps, exacerbated by knowing I made this bed myself.

This isn't helping. The story's about a local school district adding homosexuality and condoms to its sex-ed curriculum--a fight that's been around and around in litigation for two years. But that's not what's got me ticked. It's that the reporter covers only the claims and counter-claims, such as:
Half of what [the groups] are charging is in the curriculum is not in the curriculum," said Brian Edwards, a county public schools spokesman.
Now, if I were the reporter, the instant a party said the offensive material wasn't actually in the curriculum, I'd be rejoicing that he gave me something objective to report and looking at the books to see if it is or isn't. Now I have a story. Alas, the current model of journalistic balance is fact-neutral and concentrates merely on quoting opposing sides an equivalent number of times. So all issues are reduced to petty bickering and nothing ever seems to matter.

Well, here's a fact for you: I don't give a hoot what anyone claims; I'd like some information. Is that so wrong?

Now, where'd I put my earplugs? And my cane. Harrumph.

Update: So glad I made a last-second stop at ninme's, where I found this --about a luncheon at the White House-- that perked me right up. Do read it; you'll feel better too.