Is Rudy In Baghdad?

From a post at Iraq the Model:
Other law enforcement officials are also getting more serious in doing their job. Traffic cops who would normally stop a suspicious vehicle only if it passed by their post are now riding their motorbikes and chasing suspected vehicles down highways and other streets.This is an indication that Imposing Law does not mean only sending soldiers to kill terrorists. It is reaching out to deal with other aspects of mess and to counter relatively “benign” violations-like breaking the “odd and even” traffic rule, defensive irregular roadblocks and unlicensed kiosks and stalls-by providing protection for the personnel of civilian departments while they do their job.
The "broken window" theory --that's how Rudy cleaned up New York. Maybe Rudy should be President of Iraq. He gets to be President; Iraq would be saved; and Conservatives can keep loving him, without having that bitter disillusionment we'll all feel once he's in office.

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