Keeping the Mex In Mexico

President Calderon prefers not to export his populace to the U.S. Dig this:
Mr. Calderon, who was inaugurated on Dec. 1, has pledged to take 100 actions in his first 100 days in office, many of which represent the first steps toward "curing" Mexico's long tradition of illegal migration to the United States.
If implemented, his proposals could help transform Mexico from a labor-exporting country with relatively low growth, productivity and wages into an investment-rich, job-producing economy with better living standards for its 107 million people, nearly half of whom still live in poverty.
"We are laying the foundation for a more just, healthy society with better and more equal opportunities for all," he said.
Sounds good. That's the B16 approach to immigration pressures, remember? Gotta love the reporter's wording, though. So illegal migration is a "tradition" now? Like día de los muertos and piñatas?