Making Our Enemies Fear Us

Yeah, I bet now they're terrified.

I don't know which is more depressing:
  • Seeing the Human Rights Campaign, the Dems & Sen. Warner go after The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs for saying homosexual relations are immoral. Which is already annoying, but it's war, people. In spite of his disapproval of your lifestyle, the man is trying to keep you from being overrun by people who would behead you or otherwise torture you if they could. How about a bit of that vaunted tolerance until the war's won?
  • Or seeing the top U.S. military officer bow to them. Mighty warrior? Not.
  • Or recognizing that most people who still think homosexual acts are sinful really do hold that position as a prejudice --given their inability to defend the proposition the instant they're challenged.

Sigh. The dinkiest little incidents sometimes show us right where we are.