No Social Security Number Necessary

Interesting take on the Bank of America credit-for-illegals program:
Thus is being writ another chapter in the long and unfortunate march of the Republican Party to the pinnacle of Big Government.

Where, for example, will the mandates they seek -- forcing businesses to determine if a person is in this country lawfully before extending credit or selling a product for which that person is otherwise eligible -- be next applied? Will a bill be introduced that prohibits automobile dealers from selling a motor vehicle to anyone who cannot produce a valid Social Security card? Will landlords be forced to rent their property only to those who possess a Social Security card? Would it not make just as much sense for these advocates to require presentation of a Social Security card prior to bedding down for the night at a local Marriott?

Moreover, this same philosophy could be just as consistently applied were Congress to prohibit banks from facilitating other "criminal behavior." Why not, for example, prohibit banks from extending credit to persons who might be in violation of other laws, such as the multifaceted antidrug laws in this country, or whose behavior runs counter to sex-related laws still on the books? Or -- and this might hit too close to home to be championed by lawmakers -- should not the federal government move to stop individuals who violate federal campaign laws from obtaining credit; because, after all, doing so simply encourages further unlawful behavior?

Hmm. What bugs me about the Bank of America program is that if I apply for a credit card, they want to know my SS#, mum's maiden name, complete employment history, etc., etc. And now it turns out they never needed any of that stuff at all.