Our Issue At Issue

Mr. W & I always laugh at the line in Earth in the Balance where the high priest Algore, speaking of the "deep earth ecologists" whose position is that humanity must cease to exist in order to save the planet, writes (from memory, but pretty accurate)
I disagree with this.
As if that were all that need be said --a perfectly reasonable position, but one with which he happens to disagree, no offense. It didn't take long for the global warmenists to start revealing their true agenda.
It is only when we confront the real issue that is driving the whole energy issue that we can hope to prevent the total chaos that is likely to result over the next few decades. And that is far too many people exist on this planet.

Says John Burton of the World Land Trust (curtsy: Tim Blair). And just last week some dude at HuffPo wrote: A Global Warming Suggestion: Fewer Babies.
Yes, hundreds of millions of people will face water shortages and starvation by 2080 -- but only if those hundreds of millions of people are alive in the first place.
Genius! (And if you wish to be depressed, read the emphatic comments left on that post.)

This paper from the Acton Institute has more, noting that the Evangelical Climate Initiative (signed by Rick Warren, the editor of Christianity Today and other luminaries) is getting funding from the Hewlett Foundation (a population control group) and wondering why. The High Priest is on the Hill today; should be amusing. Stay tuned.