Physics Saves Lives

I'd like to know why I have to go to Australia to learn about this. The Pentagon has re-designed the Humvee to make it nearly impermeable to IEDs, which have been responsible for 70 per cent of the almost 3200 US military deaths in Iraq.
No US soldier in Iraq has died while in an MRAP. "The shape channels the full force of a blast up the sides of the vehicle rather than through the floor," said Joaquin Salas, a spokesman for Osh Trucks, one of the MRAP's makers.
"It's all physics - vehicles with that shape are extremely effective."

At a cost of $210 million dollars for the prototypes. Because the military doesn't care about our fighting men and women. Speaking of which, after four years complaining loudly about an alleged shortage of heavy armor, what did the Dems put into the most recent defense authorization bill? Pork. More specifically, spinach subsidies. I guess if you don't take islamic fascism more seriously than Bluto, you can afford to treat our guys like Popeye.

And back to Oz: RC2 hearts John Howard.
Prime Minister John Howard conceded Wednesday that keeping Australian troops in Iraq could cost him re-election but said he would not abandon the United States.
With friends like him, who's afraid of enemies?