Say What You Will, The Girl Can Read A Transcript

Brian Ross of ABC reports on stepped-up efforts to hunt Osama:
Although never publicly acknowledged, Pakistan has permitted CIA teams to secretly operate inside Pakistan.
Pakistan officials say they are aware that CIA teams have increased their presence in northern Waziristan since last September when Pakistan withdrew its troops from the area under a much-criticized "peace deal" with tribal leaders.
Put aside for a moment the question of why Brian Ross is being permitted to report this. Focus instead on what's really important: who it was who told you this when that deal was first inked and all her usual heroes were predicting doom? Why, your humble servant, back on Sept. 27, 2006, when she wrote:
I have a gut feeling the true meaning of the withdrawal of the Paki army from the region is that no one will be around to complain when the US moves in on Osama. You'll see in the Bush/Musharraf transcript link that their remarks come precisely in the context of a question about whether the US could now go into Pakistan to get Osama --and both Bush and Musharraf are cagey about their answer. I read this as Musharraf saying: Never will we allow the US to violate our territorial integrity! (Not that we'll have any troops around to notice.)

And again on October 30 when she noted:
We went after al-Zawahri today. If we didn't get him, expect more such efforts until we do. No one around to stop us now.
Thank you, thank you --it's all in the wrists.