Six Degrees of Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson v. Charlie & Rosie:

It’s easier to escape down a rabbit hole to a land where our own government is tricking us into thinking the world is a dangerous place.

This would be the same government that can’t even keep our most secret surveillance programs out of the newspapers.

But don't you see, Fred, that's part of the plan.
Connected in a strange way is Tony Blankley 's column, warning Reps that Hillary is still the one to beat:
charm is not the only path to the American voter. Richard Milhous Nixon won more national elections than any politician in our history (two vice-presidents, three presidential nominations and two presidencies — three if you count the stolen 1960 election against Kennedy). He didn't have any charm — but he was smart, shrewd, highly political, hardworking and ruthless.
(And I thought I was the only one still on the Kennedy-was-never-president soap-box.) Blankley calls her Hillary Milhous Clinton. Which relates to Fred Thompson because he was the guy who brought Nixon down --with one little question:
It was he who asked the innocuous-sounding but momentous question of Alexander Butterfield: "Were you aware of the existence of any listening devices in the Oval Office of the president?"