Giuliani Loses The Hallow Vote

It's not the bias of journalism has bothers me so much as how self-indulgent it's become --and not just on the Left. Witness the lead story in this morning's WaTi. They decided to run with C-PAC coverage --already questionably hard news, but I'll give it to them --no one else (among the MSM) is covering it. First the lede delivers the important info. that the authors thought Romney's speech was "flawlessly tailored." And then we find that Giuliani wasn't as well-received as Romney (bloggers have reported that Rudy spoke from notes and was a bit rambling). Because of social issues? Gun control? Some big gaffe? No, it was President Lincoln what done it:

In interviews afterward, some attendees said Mr. Giuliani lost momentum when he heaped lavish praise on Abraham Lincoln.

While many conservatives regard the Civil War president as the spiritual founder of the Republican Party, others deeply resent him as a man who ruthlessly suspended constitutional rights and freedoms in order to militarily challenge the South's belief in its right to secede. Some saw similar disdain for individuals' rights in Mr. Giuliani's successful war on crime in New York City.

You're trying to tell me this was a frequently-offered opinion? I can pretty well guess which three people he was talking to. I'm not saying there are no Conservatives who hate Lincoln (there are certainly some at the Times editorial page), but, um, let's just say they aren't notable for their ability to turn out voters. And 150 years later, questioning Lincoln's status as President of the United States (as opposed to "Civil War" President)? In a news story? Move On! That's worse than Bob Woodward writing about Watergate...again.