General Adulation

I stayed up later than was good for me last night because Charlie Rose had Gen. Petraeus on. I'd missed him on C-Span earlier and wanted to get a feel for the man. In candor I've had kind of a sick feeling from the laudatory things that have been written about him --surely it had to be oversell? Now he's won me to the cult of Petraeus, however, and I found what he had to say (pay/view video) tremendously heartening, especially where Iraqi cooperation and the defeat of al-Qaida are concerned. Powerline has his briefing this morning, too. Unlike some folk, I believe him.

As if to underscore his optimism, we just caught a senior al-Q in Iraq guy. And the Saudis broke up a massive terror plot.

VDH adds an interesting dimension to our consideration of bad news fatigue. He says the MSM needs to give us not only the victories of our own fighting men, but also of Iraqi cooperation, because when we see the shaking fists of America hatred all around the world night after night, we draw the conclusion that "they" --the entire Middle East-- aren't worth the blood of a single American. That's certainly what I thought when Colin Powell was talking about massive battle casualties (from chemical warfare) in the first Gulf War and my baby brother was on the front lines. My brother's exposed to a terrible death for Kuwait? (I knew nothing of Saddam then.)

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