Head Cases

I condemn Nancy Pelosi for meeting with Assad, an act which is either evil, treasonous, stupid or some combination thereof. But what is with talk radio (I'm washing walls today) and the blogosphere freaking out over her scarf? If I visited a mosque, I'd wear a scarf, too. I wore one at the Wailing Wall when I was there. When we attended friends' bar mitzvahs growing up, the women wore scarves and the men wore yalmulkes because that's what's required to enter the sanctuary of a synagogue. It wasn't "submission" to the rabbi. Christian sites in Rome & Jerusalem instruct tourists to dress decently --no shorts, no halters. Is it "submission" to Rome to comply? Or is it courtesy and civility? I've noticed that wives of heads of state often cover their heads when visiting the Pope --a thing I've always found odd since the Church no longer requires women to cover their hair in Church, but I assume it's still diplomatic protocol.

Anyway, let's focus, shall we? Civilization hangs by a thread and it's bad enough the entire Democratic Party, Many Screeching Monkeys & European elite are completely unserious without us sensible people joining them. She was right to wear a scarf in a mosque (her crime there was against fashion, as ninme points out). The place Gramma submitted to terrorism was in Assad's parlor.